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American expats traveling and working remotely

Our Tax Services

Expat Tax Returns Preparation Services for international Individuals and Small businesses.

If you are a current or former expat and any of the following apply, please get in touch:

  • Moving to or from the US without U.S. expat tax filing support from your company.

  • Needing U.S. tax support or advice after leaving your company's mobility program.

  • Seeking personal tax advice on international U.S. tax issues.

  • A family member requires tax filing support or advice.

  • Needing U.S. tax filing support as a non-expat.

  • Self-employed and traveling outside the U.S.

  • Needing to discuss U.S. individual or business taxes.

Expat tax services

Expats and International Tax Services

Our expat and international tax services include:

  • U.S. tax briefings and planning for international relocations.

  • Expat tax returns preparation, including state and local, if applicable.

  • Tax equalization and reconciliation preparation and review.

  • Tax services for short-term business travelers and digital nomads.

  • Tax gross-ups and estimated tax calculations.

  • Income tax treaty review and social security totalization agreements, including Certificate of Coverage preparation.

  • Streamlined filing compliance for late-filed tax returns and FBARs.

  • Shadow payroll setup and employment tax calculations for foreign nationals.

  • Assistance with ITIN application or renewal.

  • Preparation of international informational tax returns for foreign-owned U.S. businesses (Forms 1120F, 5472).

  • Preparation and review of international tax forms related to foreign investments (Forms 8858, 5471, 8865,).

Individual Tax Services:

Our individual tax services include:

  • Preparation of federal, state, and local individual tax returns.

  • U.S. individual tax planning and strategies.

  • Quarterly or one-time estimated tax calculations.

  • ITIN application or renewal assistance.

  • Tax return preparation for nonresident and resident aliens.

  • Resolution of tax notices from the IRS, state, and local agencies.

  • Preparation of international informational tax returns (Forms 1120F, 5472, 8832).

  • Preparation and review of international tax forms for foreign investments (Forms 8858, 5471, 8865).

  • Forms 673, 8621, 8858, 8938, FinCEN 114, 5471, 5472, 1120-F, W-8BEN preparation.

  • Form 8832 preparation for check-the-box elections.

Business Tax Services:

Our business tax services include:

  • Federal business tax returns preparation with applicable state and local filings (Schedule C, 1065, 1120-S, 990).

  • Business tax strategic planning and advisory.

  • Business entity selection advice for tax purposes.

  • International tax services for American expats with foreign company interests and for foreign nationals/companies with U.S. investments.

  • CPA services as an external tax and accounting advisor for small businesses

Tax Audits/Notices Services

Our tax audit and notice resolution services include:

  • Review of IRS, state, or local tax notices and advice on action steps.

  • Assistance through various stages of IRS, state, or local tax audits.

  • Professional review of tax notices before making or arranging payments.

Accounting services

Our limited accounting services include:

  • Review of books, records, cash flows, and cost projections.

  • Payroll setup review.

  • Payroll tax calculations and annual 1099 preparation.


Note: We do not perform assurance services (compilation, review, or audits), prepare financial statements, or provide core bookkeeping or payroll services.

Business tax services
Individual tax services
Tax notices and audits
Accounting services
Americans working and living abroad

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